Finergy Petroleum

is an independent energy company engaged in trading, wholesale, and supply of petroleum products in Sub Saharan Africa.

Finergy is one of the few indigenous African energy traders who are supplying bulk vessels of petroleum products into African markets. With a strong footprint in East Africa, Finergy’s core strength lies in delivering under logistically challenging conditions.

Vision &

To have a positive and long-term impact on the global oil & gas industry while earning trust and bringing value to our partners and stakeholders.

To be identified as the leading partner of choice in the African and global oil & gas industry for delivering on our commitments, pioneering new opportunities and ideas while adding value to our industry, partners, and community.

Our Goals


To aggressively gain market share in the Sub-Saharan African markets with a view to expanding sales operations to all continents.


To become an Integrated Oil Company (IOC) and a dominant force in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the business.


To consistently increase our year on year profitability by capitalising on new business opportunities in previously untapped markets.


To steadily increase the volume of products traded per annum in all segments of the business.

Business Ethics

Finergy strictly implements its business ethics and code of conduct. These guidelines help our employees in professional conduct, and in turn protecting and improving our companies reputation. It also ensures a responsible corporate culture while minimizing any legal exposure.

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In Finergy’s governance, system different departments interact systematically, each with its own functions, ensuring the company prospers and sustains all of its shareholders.

A Trade Risk and Credit Committee is responsible for defining client portfolio management strategies as well as monitoring their activities and supervising counterparty credit policies. The committee is also in charge of reviewing and approving all relevant trade opportunities.


Energy trading, sales and supply activities expose us to a variety of risks which include volatility of market prices and currencies, counterparty risk and operational risk. A team reporting to the Chief Risk Officer is responsible for risk management.